• Teledyne e2v Double capacity Space qualified 8 GB DDR4 Memory chip, targets high reliability space-based applications.
    2024/07/18 9:00 AM

    8 GB DDR4 Qualified Engineering Models (EMs) available now, Flight Models (FMs) under construction, planned early 2025. Grenoble, the 16th of July 2024, Teledyne e2v today announces the successful Space qualification of its 8 GB space DDR4 memory as part of its edge compute solutions for space. This announcement marks the conclusion of Teledyne e2v’s DDR4 initial qualification. These include all the upscreening activities …

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  • Teledyne e2v Releases Upscreened Arm® based LX2160 Processor for Hi-Rel Aerospace and Defense Applications
    2024/07/18 9:00 AM

    Grenoble, the 16th of July 2024 – Teledyne e2v announces that the company has qualified and released an upscreened version of the LX2160 to operate between -55°C to +125°C. The military-qualified processor implements a 16-core Arm® Cortex® A72 design providing developers of AI-at-the-Edge computing systems, single board computers (SBCs) and other compute intensive systems embedded on aerospace and defense equipment unparallelled performance …

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  • EV10AS940 Digital features: Frequency hopping & Beamforming
    2024/06/12 9:15 AM

    You will see Teledyne e2v latest ADC, EV10AS940: 10-bit single channel, 12.8 GSPS, main digital features. We will demonstrate ADC frequency hopping capabilities and beamforming capabilities using our…

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  • How modern multi-core space processors increase data throughput with lossless compression
    2024/06/06 6:07 AM

    Teledyne e2v reviews in-house benchmarking that validates the ability of modern processors to implement spaceborne lossless compression. This shows that system level economic and performance benefits emerge from using multi-core communication processors in combination with modern compression algorithms capable of handling a variety of file formats…

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  • Direct microwave conversion capabilities now made possible deep into the Ka-band
    2023/12/13 10:10 AM

    This article discusses the development of a novel Ka-band capable, direct digital sampler – the EV10AS940 from Teledyne e2v. You will discover: • A device capable of sampling a > 5GHz bandwidth up to 33GHz • Exceptionally low power of 195 mW/Gsps     o Rated at just 2.5W @ fclk =12.8GHz • A radical new design approach to achieving high-end performance • Integration is enhanced by on-chi…

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  • State of the art microwave capable ADC: a demonstration of EV10AS940 FMC Board
    2023/10/31 9:52 AM

    You will see Teledyne e2v latest ADC, EV10AS940 : 10-bit single channel, 12.8 GSps, outputs on a FMC evaluation board. The ADC is presented in this video on it’s FMC board to show the capability offered by the ADC on the standard of use FMC board. Together, we will start up ADC EV10AS940 using using an off-the-shell FPGA development board from ALPHA DATA as the FMC carrier board. This will a…

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  • Teledyne e2v Space Processing Solutions – Q4 2023 Latest News
    2023/10/31 9:43 AM

    In this video, Teledyne e2v is sharing information on its latest Space Processing products under development : 8GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4 Memory to enable more Space demanding use cases, in a pin to pin and Fit Form Function compatible with current Teledyne e2v 4GB DDR4 LX2160-Space, a 16 core ARM® Cortex® A72 based Space Processor featuring all range of high-speed networking interfaces, en…

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  • Concurrent AI image processing in Space using Klepsydra software running on 16-cores LX2160-Space processor from Teledyne e2v.
    2023/10/31 9:36 AM

    Performing on-board data processing in the spacecrafts typically requires large amount of computing capabilities to handle the large data rates that the edge computing applications require. These applications can be for instance image processing for Earth observation, automated landing, and on-board decision making for debris avoidance. More and more of these applications are relying on Artificial…

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  • Learn how Teledyne e2v characterizes its Space edge processing components against radiations:
    2023/10/10 3:37 PM

    Case study of a 4x Arm® Cortex® A72 + 4GB DDR4 computing module Radiation effects in Space are of the utmost importance to consider because they can cause damage to electronic components and systems, leading to potential failures or malfunctions. High-energy particles, such as heavy-ions and protons, can cause Single Event Effects…

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  • Teledyne e2v Develops Space Computing Reference Design featuring Microchip’s Radiation-Tolerant Gigabit Ethernet PHYs
    2023/10/04 12:23 PM

    New QLS1046-Space reference design provides high-speed data connectivity in space applications Grenoble, October 4th 2023 – Teledyne e2v is developing, in collaboration with Microchip Technology, a ground-breaking space computing reference design to enable high-speed data routing in Space applications..This innovative reference d…

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  • Space-Compliant Power Supply Scheme for Quad ARM® Cortex®-A72 Processing Module QLS1046 from Teledyne e2v
    2023/10/03 2:09 PM

    Compute intensive devices such as processors, FPGAs, and ACAPs are used to perform the heavy calculations required by Edge computing applications in Space. The applications covered are broad and can range from Artificial Intelligence (AI), automated guidance, and telecommunications to image/video processing for Earth observation. One of the challenges in designing boards with that kind of ICs is t…

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  • Advanced ATP Maximizes System Performance While Alleviating Production Bottlenecks
    2023/09/13 12:05 PM

    Electronic systems are experiencing rapid changes in performance specifications and form factors, along with numerous supply chain bottlenecks. One system level design problem has been consistent throughout—balancing the form factor tradeoffs between the analog and digital circuitry for maximum software/system flexibility (from sensor to the digital processing units’ input/output). This fundamen…

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  • Smart microwave antennas are a step closer with advanced dual beamforming DAC
    2023/09/13 11:55 AM

    More and more, the ability to direct and steer RF energy is a critical radio technology. The reason is that free-space RF attenuation increases at higher millimeter-wave frequencies. Those frequencies are used to increase system bandwidth and data throughput, raising the prospect of increased cross-channel interference and lost links without some active steering approach. A technical collaborat…

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  • Learn more about Teledyne e2v’s Space Flows Comparison Chart
    2023/09/13 11:30 AM

    The first version of Teledyne e2v Semiconductor Space Flow Comparison Chart has been a successful document that many have requested and received in the electronic space industry. Now version 2, an update release of the chart is being released, this video gives an overview of the updated version of the document and highlights the important things to know. Download the pdf version of the paper…

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