• Industrialization and manufacturing services – meet Europe’s only aerospace qualified manufacturer of advanced semiconductors
    2019/09/02 1:30 PM

    System in a package - a key element in our roadmap …

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  • ESIstream IP – ease your way to deterministic data serialization
    2019/05/06 2:19 PM

    Introduction When using modern wideband data converters, one substantial challenge is managing the resulting high-speed serial data streams. ESIstream is an open source, serial data interface protocol designed with minimal overhead and delivers a simple hardware implementation within a range of targeted FPGA architectures whilst re…

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  • Teledyne e2v is introducing Quad ARM® Cortex® A72 for Space applications
    2019/04/08 2:48 PM

    Teledyne e2v Radiation Tolerant Space Processors will be available as both a standalone Processer as well as a Qormino Common Compute Platform. In space compute intensive applications, the current trend we observe in most of the ecosystem is the following: how could one perform very complex and powerful data processing into space w…

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  • Learn about multi-ADC synchronization in only 7 minutes!
    2019/03/11 3:05 PM

    We have created an exclusive tutorial video to give you a useful overview of a multi-ADC synchronization technique, from the needs of synchronous and deterministic behavior within a multi-channel system to a practical implementation in our Lab. The demo features Teledyne e2v’s latest EV12AQ600 ADC. …

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  • Qormino packaged processing solutions will operate in a 100% Aerospace product application environment at Avionics Expo in Munich!
    2019/02/13 10:10 AM

    Teledyne e2v, an aerospace qualified manufacturer of advanced semiconductors, will display its Qormino® packaged processing solutions at Avionics Expo in Munich, on the 12th & 13th of March 2019. Visitors will be able to discover multiple live demonstrations of its capabilities in an Aerospace & Defense ecosystem of software and hardware partners. Indeed, Qormino will operate in a 100% A…

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