Manufacturing services

Systems used in high-performance, safety-critical or mission-critical applications need to incorporate superior microelectronics technology. Often the hardware required is not readily available off the shelf, as particular characteristics or constraints exist that mean a bespoke solution will be necessary. That can add considerable complexity to development projects, so partnering with a recognized specialist in this area is advised.

By engaging with Teledyne e2v Semiconductors, you are benefitting from decades’ worth of microelectronics experience - gaining access to a unique to the market one-stop-shop which is capable of developing the technology needed for even the most demanding situations.

Thanks to exceptional in-house expertise and use of highly-optimized workflows, our team can deal with every element of the development process. They are able to take initial concepts then move them through the early design phases. From there, prototyping, characterization, screening and testing can all be done, before moving onto volume production.

Advanced turnkey solutions

Covering telecommunications, industrial, space, avionics, military and medical applications, the solutions that Teledyne e2v Semiconductors offers are developed to exactly match each customer’s specific technical and commercial expectations. They can achieve heightened performance levels and cope with the most uncompromising of operational conditions (including exposure to extreme temperatures, shocks, vibrations and radiation).

Every project embarked upon by Teledyne e2v Semiconductors will have its own distinct attributes and bring up a new set of challenges, but through many years of serving the high-rel industry sectors, first class results are always assured.

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