How modern multi-core space processors increase data throughput with lossless compression

Teledyne e2v reviews in-house benchmarking that validates the ability of modern processors to implement spaceborne lossless compression. This shows that system level economic and performance benefits emerge from using multi-core communication processors in combination with modern compression algorithms capable of handling a variety of file formats.

The focus of this study is two ARM multi-core A72-based processors: the LS1046 and LX2160 communication processors, which are compared with equivalent industrial grade (i.e. non-Space) processors.

Some of the practical aspects of implementing compression algorithms will be detailed along with an example of a popular lossless method (LZ4). Finally, you will benefit from the benchmarking comparison providing compression rate measured in MB/s to validate the capabilities of a range of standard, modern processing platforms.

If you wish to read more, please click on the following link to download the complete paper here.

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Published 2023-12-13
Relevance: Semiconductors

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