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COTS and custom solutions to meet the toughest expectations

The mission-critical systems utilized in avionics, military and space applications need microelectronic devices that are capable of attaining exceptional reliability, so that the risk of potential malfunctions can be mitigated. Having a trusted source of such devices is therefore a fundamental requirement.

The small volumes and short development timeframes generally associated with these applications can present problems though. They mean that implementing a full custom design will usually be impractical. Selecting COTS devices may thus be necessary, and this enables the latest technological innovations plus a broader range of possible device options to be benefitted from too. However, such devices may not prove to be rugged enough. What is needed is access to a way of producing components which can combine the small-volume cost-effectiveness of COTS with added robustness characteristics.

Respected high-rel supply partner

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors is able to complement its COTS component portfolio with a first class manufacturing service for custom high-rel components. This means that our clients can offload this work to us and we will take care of the whole process for them - from start to finish.

Through strong relationships formed with the world’s leading semiconductor vendors, plus the exceptional expertise we have built up over many decades of serving demanding industry sectors. These components are capable of dealing with the most uncompromising of conditions while still assuring that elevated levels of operational performance are upheld. They have been deployed in state-of-the-art aircraft designs, ground-breaking military systems, LEO/MEO/GEO satellite hardware and deep space exploration missions.

Taking standard catalogue devices (such as microprocessors and memories), we can apply a series of different procedures in order to make them fully prepared to meet the exacting demands that are defined by the customer’s application - including high degrees of radiation tolerance, resilience to extreme temperatures, etc. These up-screened high-rel variants of existing digital COTS devices complement our own in-house developed mixed-signal, image sensing and RF devices.

Utilizing the latest production and test equipment

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors’ facilities are equipped with highly-efficient automated pick-and-place and wire bonding systems, sophisticated test instrumentation, centrifuges, simulation apparatus and inspection tools, as well as high-capacity burn-in chambers. Encompassed within the array of services we are able to offer as a result of all this are advanced assembly, characterization, screening and testing procedures.

Upholding the highest quality standards

We meet the quality benchmarks outlined by the AS9100 avionics standard, as well as the ESCC 9000, QML Class V, QML Class Y and QML Class Q space and military standards. In addition, we are in a position to assemble high-rel components that do not require ITAR certification. This means that the shipment restrictions that affect other suppliers when it comes to components for military systems do not apply.

Comprehensive screening processes can be undertaken to verify that the chosen COTS components will meet up to expectations. Different screening levels may be selected, depending how tough the actual application demands are. Screening programs can involve burn-in for a set number of hours at a defined temperature, repeated temperature cycling, exposure to intense thermal and mechanical shocks, plus radiation bombardment. Screening to ensure device optimization in relation to tight power budget constraints can also be offered. Our screening programs are constantly being updated and enhanced to keep on improving component output quality.

Exceptional resilience

The utmost scrutiny is applied to devices during testing. For example, we carry out 100% visual inspection of every device intended for space deployment. Other key procedures include shear testing, pull testing, ball-drop tests, seal testing, vibration testing, acoustic microscopy, the checking of solder joints and wire bonds, x-ray analysis, mobile particle detection, etc.
With the ability to deal with extended temperature ranges, devices will be deployable into challenging ambient environments. The underfilling of their BGAs with epoxy resin provides a way of making Teledyne e2v Semiconductors’ high-rel devices more operationally robust, giving them additional protection from the numerous physical stresses they may find themselves subjected to.

Verifying what radiation tolerance can be achieved will help to extend component longevity. It means that there will be less chance of single event effects (SEEs), single event latch-ups (SELs) or other functional anomalies occurring.

Life cycle assurance

To ensure that customers with long-term supply requirements are not exposed to end-of-life issues, Teledyne e2v Semiconductors has put inventory management procedures in place that allow future availability to be secured. Via our well-established SLiM™ program, we are able to deal with potential obsolescence problems and avoid the complexities of customers having to undertake costly and time-consuming system redesign work. Our wafer banking capabilities means that customers can make certain of ongoing supply continuity when it comes to crucially important component parts.

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors only works with the original semiconductor vendors - always doing so directly. The detailed records compiled by our engineering team are pivotal in enabling absolute traceability to be relied upon. This keeps the supply chains of components being used in mission-critical applications completely free from the presence of counterfeit items .

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