• Teledyne e2v boosts radio softwarization efforts through its latest microwave data converter developments!
    2020/05/01 11:04 AM

    You want to know more our latest microwave data converter developments. This white paper covers some of the key technologies shaping our near future electronic data exchanges. …

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  • Multi-Channel ADCs enable Machine Condition Monitoring for Industry 4.0
    2020/04/06 11:13 AM

    Inclusion of Teledyne e2v’s versatile EV10AQ190A devices has proved pivotal in data acquisition boards used to assess the ongoing operation of video imaging systems. “Provision to implement various configurations using a single ADC product has shown itself to be invaluable.” Marc Stackler, Teledyne e2v. …

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  • Dynamically Configurable Multi-Channel ADCs Pivotal in MCM Installation Project
    2020/03/18 11:36 AM

    Effective measures and procedural frameworks are needed at industrial sites to safeguard equipment against either the failure of vital components or any decline in their operational performance as they age. Through these, the threat posed by downtime may be mitigated. Factories and processing plants can thus keep running, so that throughput is maximised. Also it means that the products being fabri…

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  • Three ways to adjust power consumption and dissipation in your processing systems
    2020/03/02 11:26 AM

    Despite the rising power efficiency of new processors, the accelerating demand for computational power often outstrips the ability to cool the systems down and/or to provide them the right amount of current . Furthermore, mechanical/thermal design usually happens late in the development cycle. Consequently, it is likely to run up against thermal limits late in the design process. Designers…

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  • Advanced wide band sampling solution for direct digitization in the K-band
    2019/12/24 12:17 PM

    You want to know more about direct digitization in the K-band? This white paper covers Teledyne e2v’s latest developments for direct digitization in the K-band enabling agile multiband receiver architecture. …

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  • PC8548 Radiation Tolerant Compute Intensive Space Microprocessor
    2019/12/02 11:57 AM

    Check out how Teledyne e2v brings unprecedented computing performances on a Space qualified fault Giga-Hertz class microprocessor device. 1. Introduction Let us take you into a Space journey today, not far from the stars in the sky above us… or at least not far from the core of the systems in orbit on top of us! In the galaxy…

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  • Teledyne e2v Hi Reliability Differentiators for Microprocessors
    2019/11/11 12:31 PM

    Let’s play a technical quiz today… are you ready? Are you able to list the top requirements of critical heavy computing systems such as Avionics, Space & Defense systems in less than 15 seconds? Did you answer the following: longevity, reliability, harsh environments compliancy, extended lifetime, …? For over 35 years, Teled…

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  • EV12AQ605, The optimized version of EV12AQ600 for competitive large volume applications
    2019/10/28 12:50 PM

    Teledyne e2v has created a new version of its latest 12-bit quad high-speed high bandwidth ADC. EV12AQ605 is pin to pin compatible with EV12AQ600. This new ADC variant aims at addressing high volume commercial and industrial market segments.   …

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  • Teledyne e2v helps reduce power consumption in commercial processors
    2019/10/01 12:45 PM

    Embedded systems’ requirements bring drastic constraints to designers on power budget, in particular Safety Critical Systems. Teledyne e2v offers a methodology to study and lower power consumption on its Microprocessors. If you wish to read more, please click on the following link to download our white paper. …

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  • EV12DS480, the 12-bit 8 GSps DAC designed for Newspace systems
    2019/09/25 1:38 PM

    Aiming at being integrated in high-reliability high-performance space applications, the EV12DS480 DAC has been tested to assess its performance behavior in harsh space environment. The EV12DS480 is a 12-bit 8 GSps DAC, ready for space applications, designed for Newspace systems, offered in various reliability grades (including NASA Grade 1). The hardness assurance tests include Heavy Ions (HI) and…

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