Space Grade Digital Processing Solutions

High-speed microwave data converters for Space

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors designs and delivers space qualified high-speed broadband data converters operating at microwave frequencies for since 1995.
With a strong heritage and its expertise built up over the years, we provide a range of radiation tolerant ADCs and DACs capable to operate in harshest environment to support the most challenging applications and missions.

Teledyne e2v is qualified to the most stringent aerospace standards, such as QML-Q, QML-V and QML-Y. We also actively contribute to draft new aerospace standards.
And for new space systems, some highly different quality levels are available to achieve the best trade-offs between performance and cost optimization.

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors space data converters have been successfully integrated into missions like Satellite Communication, Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) or SAR Earth Observation.

With constant investments and innovative developments, our solutions lead the way to create the most advanced microwave capable space data converters generating or acquiring signal waveforms in multiple frequency bands up to Ka band to support the next generation of satellites and spacecrafts.

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors portfolio contains solution enablers with multi-band analog bandwidth up to Ka-band and short latency ADCs and DACs. Next product generations integrate single ended RF interfaces and more integrated signal processing to reduce the overall system complexity and improve performances. For each product we guarantee performance and long-term reliability to answer tomorrow's needs by performing extensive radiation and quality testing.

Check our Space Flows Comparison Chart to understand each product qualification flow depending on grade and package (ceramic or plastic).
Check our Space Quality Levels, definitions and application document to understand the different quality levels, space models definitions and the final application of these models.

To assist program managers, designers and engineers using Teledyne e2v Semiconductors state of the art solution on analogue and digital data converters, in addition to the technical information a hotline email address is available to answer your questions: [email protected].

Edge computing processing solutions dedicated to Space applications
  • Processors and memories allowing heavy computing in Space including AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Radiation Tolerant devices: fully characterized and tested in SEE heavy ions and protons
  • Strong Space heritage – LEO, GEO, Human missions
  • Mastering different kind of Space manufacturing flows: QML-Y, NASA / ECSS Space quality grades

Click to download our Space flow comparison chart

Discover our Space center of excellence

This is the place where we manufacture Digital Radiation tolerant Space electronic components. In our Space portfolio, we have GHz Class Processors, High Speed memories, Micro-controllers which are all serving dedicated needs in satellites and Space systems.

Space products are manufactured here in Grenoble according to three key pillars:
1. Mastering Space Components Manufacturing & Testing
2. Characterization against radiation & Mitigation of radiation effects
3. Comprehensive Data Package & Technical Support


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