• Explore EV12DD700 Video Series
    2023/09/05 3:49 PM

    Generating aligned signals with EV12DD700 advanced microwave dua DAC You will see the latest DAC from Teledyne e2v, EV12DD700 : 12-bit dual channel, 12 GSps, dual outputs on a FMC evaluation board. The DAC will be presented using its to independent outputs to generate to signals and the aim of this video is showcasing the ease to s…

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  • Teledyne e2v and Infineon partner on optimized processor boot solution for high reliability edge computing Space systems
    2023/07/06 9:10 AM

    Munich, Germany, and Grenoble, France – 6th July 2023 – Infineon Technologies (FSE: IFX / OTCQX: IFNNY) and Teledyne e2v (NYSE:TDY) have developed a reference design for the implementation of compute-intensive space systems. The design, built around a Teledyne e2v QLS1046-Space edge computing module, which is configured by the radiation-hardened 64MByte Infineon SONOS based NOR Flash memory, enabl…

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  • Implementing Texas Instruments power supplies for a Teledyne e2v DDR4 memory in Space applications.
    2023/02/24 8:57 AM

    Edge computing applications in Space, such as image/video processing, Artificial Intelligence (AI), telecommunications, rely on compute intensive devices like processors, FPGAs, and ACAPs to perform the heavy calculations. These devices feature limited internal memory and typically require external high-speed and high-density DDR4 memory to support the compute intensive use cases. Teledyne e2v h…

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  • Teledyne e2v’s New Space flow for Digital Processing Solutions
    2023/02/21 10:15 AM

    Today, we are announcing the creation of a New Space flow for our Space Processing Solutions and the availability of this option for our Space customers. Enquire Now …

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  • Explore DD700 functionalities: Chirp signal generation
    2023/02/21 9:50 AM

    The EV12DD700 is Teledyne e2v latest DAC, enabling direct conversion up to Ka band, and multi-band direct conversion from L to Ku. It is a dual channel 12-bit DAC, converting at up to 12 GSps (NRZ, RF and 2RF modes). The DAC embeds digital processing features like Digital Up Conversion (DUC) with multiple interpolation ratios, Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) and Chirp generation, Beam-Forming, Beam…

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  • Design an agile space receiver using EV12AQ600 ADC and PolarFire FPGA
    2023/02/21 9:30 AM

    Learn how to download and create a Libero project to gain precious time in development of your space receiver design using ADC EV12AQ600 and FPGA PolarFire. EV12AQ600 ADC qualification report: EV12AQ600 ADC TiD and SEE radiations test report:…

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  • Thermal management of QLS1046-Space processing module
    2023/02/21 9:20 AM

    Watch this video to understand the thermal management of a Qormino® QLS1046 in Space applications Enquire Now  Please fill out & submit the form to re…

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  • Teledyne e2v provides a highly-integrated radiation-tolerant DDR4 memory solution with Texas Instruments power supply
    2023/02/21 9:15 AM

    Grenoble, February 21st, 2023 – To help satellite OEMs to streamline their system development work, as well as reducing the time and engineering effort involved, Teledyne e2v and Texas Instruments (TI) collaborated on a new radiation-tolerant DDR4 modular platform. This field-proven hardware consists of a 4GB/8GB capacity DDR4T0xG72 DDR4 memory from Teledyne e2v accompanied by a TI TPS7H3301-SP DD…

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  • Quantum computing EV12DS460-480
    2023/02/10 8:50 AM

    Design a comprehensive driving signal path for quantum computing using DAC EV12DS460/480 You will understand how the DAC EV12DS460/480 can guarantee good performances for the control of one or multiple Qubit and how it can simplify drive chain architecture using direct conversion. Thank you to our colleagues from Teledyne Lecroy…

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  • Use our new Ka-band capable ADC EV10AS940 with the latest ESIstream 62B64B high-speed serial interface
    2022/11/30 9:44 AM

    Use our new Ka-band capable ADC EV10AS940 with the latest ESIstream 62B64B high-speed serial interface We have demonstrated our new microwave ADC EV10AS940 capable to directly digitize signals in multiple bands from low frequency to Ka-band. The ADC EV10AS940 is supported by the ESIstream 62B/64B high-speed serial interface. This n…

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