Space Grade ADCs & DACs

Space ADCs

Device Name Resolution Rate Channel Package Datasheet Status


1.6 GSps
3.2 GSps
6.4 GSps




CBGA323 (HiTCE) Active


1.6 GSps

2 CCGA323 Active


1.5 GSps

1 CICGA255 Active

?Available in a radiation-tolerant and QML Class Y version that is highly suited to space deployment, the EV12AQ600 analog-to-digital (ADC) can be used in Earth observation and experimentation work, as well as for communication purposes. This highly versatile 12-bit resolution, quad-channel device can be configured on the fly to operate as a 6.4 GSps one channel ADC, a 3.2 GSps dual channel ADC or a 1.6 GSps 4 channels ADC.

The radiation-tolerant (QML Class V) dual-channel EV12AD550 ADC supports a 1.6 GSps sampling rate and an input frequency range spanning 4.3GHz. Enabling direct digitization within the S-band, it has real value to space engineers looking to keep their systems as simple and economical as possible. Chained synchronization is highly advantageous for phased array implementations. Among this ADC�s main uses are satellite data links, Earth observation and in satellite traveling-wave tube amplifier (TWTA) compensation.

Attending to the requirements of SWaP-oriented space designs, the EV10AS180A is 10-bit ADC (QML Class V) with a 3GSamples/s sampling rate. It enables direct digitization within the L-band, and is suitable for satellite communication and Earth observation. This device can cope with operating temperatures of 170�C, allowing it to be used in low Earth orbit (LEO) situations, where more extreme temperature variations may occur. 110krad TID radiation tolerance is another attractive attribute.

Integrated RF switch in high-speed ADC lowers RF receivers� costs

Space DACs

Device Name Resolution Rate Channel Package Datasheet Status


12 GSps 2 20x20 mm Hi-TCE package


8 GSps 1 fpBGA196 Active


3 GSps 1 LGA255/CICGA255/CCGA225 Active


3 GSps 1 �LGA255/CICGA255/CCGA225 Active

Now sampling, the EV12DD700 dual-channel digital-to-analog converter (DAC) is pivotal in the implementation software defined microwave (SDM) air interfaces. It is capable of producing signals all the way up into the Ka-band (reaching frequencies of 30GHz), allowing the many benefits of direct digitization to be realized there. In a space context, this means that systems can easily be reconfigured while in orbit.

The radiation tolerant single-channel EV12DS480A DAC provides an analog bandwidth extending beyond 7GHz facilitating multi-band, direct digital synthesis up to K-band (26.5GHz). This DAC is ready for space applications, designed for new space systems in a plastic package, it is offered in various reliability grades including NASA grade 1. Qualification report, Heavy Ion report and TID report up to 150Krad are available.

With thousands of units already deployed in space and avionics applications, Teledyne e2v�s EV12DS130xZP is a 12-bit 3GSamples/s DAC. With a 7GHz analog output bandwidth, it allows direct digitization in the L and S frequency bands, as well as the lower half of the C-band. The selectable 4:1 or 2:1 multiplexing capabilities of this data converter facilitate interfacing with standard low-voltage differential signaling (LVDS) programmable logic devices.

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