Space Radiation Tolerant 4GB/8GB DDR4

DDR4 ideal companion-chip for Edge computing processing devices

DDR4 ideal Companion-chips for Space grade devices such as processors, FPGAs SiP solutions & beyond…

The 4/8GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4 Memory Multi-Chip Package (MCP) is a Ultra High Density Memory Solution, targeting Space Embedded Systems & Applications.
This space-grade DDR4 memory enables elevated levels of performance, while taking up minimal board real estate – something that is certain to be of value in highly space-constrained, densely-packed satellite designs. It can be used in conjunction with processors and FPGAs having a DDR4 controller, and is also available embedded on Teledyne e2v Space version of Qormino® Common Compute Platform together with a Space version of LS1046 quad-core processor (QLS1046-4GB). Together with the DDR4 memory, a complete radiation and application datapackage is available allowing designers to develop their board quickly and with minimum risk.

Space Key Features
Space Qualification
• Up to NASA Level 1 (based on NASA EEE-INST-002 – Section M4 – PEMs)
• Up to ECSS Class 1 (ECSS-Q-ST-60-13C)

Radiation Tolerance
• SEL LET Threshold > 60.88 MeV.cm²/mg
• SEU evaluated from LET 2.6 MeV.cm²/mg & Upset cross-section @ 60.88 MeV.cm²/mg = 8.73E-12 cm²/bit
• SEFI evaluated from LET 2.6 MeV.cm²/mg & SEFI cross-section @ 60.88 MeV.cm²/mg = 4.17E-4 cm²/device
• TID: 100 krad(Si)

High Performances, Compact, and Fault Tolerant
• 4GB and 8GB densities;
• 72 bits bus width - (Can typically be used as 64 bits data + 8 bits ECC, offering single-bit error correction, and dual-bit error detection)
• 2.1 GT/s and 2.4GT/s (up to 150Gbps) transfer speeds
• Dimensions 15mm x 20mm x 1.92mm
• Temperature range [-40 ; +105]°C or [-55 ; +125]°C

The world’s most compact Radiation Tolerant DDR4 memory for space systems

Teledyne e2v Semiconductors introduces the world’s most compact Radiation Tolerant DDR4 memory for space systems, a solution with a complete application data package, which is the ideal high speed companion chip for Teledyne e2v’s Space Grade Processors or third-party Space FPGAs. This memory successfully stands up to the most extreme environments, functioning resiliently despite severe temperature variations and radiation exposure.

Introducing ADK-VA600 from Alpha Data, the Versal Core Development Kit for Space 2.0 featuring Teledyne e2v 8GB Space DDR4

ADK-VA600 Versal Core Development Kit for Space 2.0, proposed by Alpha Data, is revolutionizing the industry with the AMD XQR Versal AI Core VC1902 adaptive high performance SoC. This Development Kit for Space 2.0, which integrates Teledyne e2v 8GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4, combines the best-in-class technologies in a 6U VPX form factor, unlocking a new era of space solutions. The reference radiation-tolerant solution, the ADK-VA600 enables the development of the next generation of adaptive data processing and machine learning deployments in orbit.

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