EV12AQ605, The optimized version of EV12AQ600 for competitive large volume applications

Teledyne e2v has created a new version of its latest 12-bit quad high-speed high bandwidth ADC. EV12AQ605 is pin to pin compatible with EV12AQ600. This new ADC variant aims at addressing high volume commercial and industrial market segments.


Common pinout (top view) for EV12AQ600 and EV12AQ605

Customers can design systems that operate the EV12AQ605 independently or synchronized, in quad-channel mode at 1.6 Giga Sample per second (GSps), in dual-channel mode at 3.2 GSps or in single-channel mode at 6.4 GSps. Having one single ADC part number to supply and qualify different system configurations can be considered to address a large range of end applications.

The EV12AQ605 contains the proven chain synchronization feature as seen in some of Teledyne e2v’s most recent data converters (read more details about multi-ADC synchronization) – the synchronization can also be achieved through a classical point-to-point approach. This feature allows to meet the growing trend of increasing channel counts in large phased-array antennas and Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems for wideband microwave backhaul, as well as multi-channel Digital Storage Oscilloscopes (DSO). This makes the ADC highly capable and customizable, suitable for Telecommunications, Test and Measurement systems.


-a- -b-
Common pinout (top view) for EV12AQ600 and EV12AQ605

n addition, the EV12AQ605 features a Cross Point Switch (CPS), which allows the device to operate its four cores simultaneously, independently or paired, to assign its 6.4 GSps sampling speed across the user’s desired channel count.

The following diagrams illustrate possible ADC configurations in 4-/2-/1-channel modes highlighting the input signal routing to each core and the internal clock signal configuration:

EV12AQ605 in 4-channel mode configuration (sampling rate up to 1.6 GSps per channel)
EV12AQ605 in 2-channel mode configuration (sampling rate up to 3.2 GSps per channel)
EV12AQ605 in 1-channel mode configuration (sampling rate up to 6.4 GSps per channel)

These features allow system designers to develop advanced flexible and scalable equipment.

The ADC bridges the gap between the analog RF world and the digital world, with an input bandwidth exceeding 6.5 GHz (in extended bandwidth mode):

The EV12AQ605 is specifically tailored for customers looking for a system cost structure optimization. Customers already prototyping with the EV12AQ600 samples can now swap to the EV12AQ605.

The main differences between the EV12AQ600 and the EV12AQ605 are reported in the following table. All other functionalities are identical.

Concerning the interleaving mismatch calibration, only 2 sets are available with offset, gain and phase delay mismatch correction values corresponding to an usage at low input frequency (below 800 MHz) and high input frequency range (above 800 MHz). Since the calibration is made at a fixed temperature during the industrial tests, the interpolation of offset gain and phase delay mismatch values at an intermediate temperature are not available. The user can optimize the offset, gain and phase delay mismatches by adjusting properly values in the corresponding internal registers.


  EV12AQ600 EV12AQ605
Solder balls Pb90Sn10 SAC (RoHS)
Screening According to MIL-STD 883 Optimized flow

Interleaving mismatch calibration sets

(offset, gain, phase delay)

4 sets stored in OTP during factory industrial testing:
• Low Fin, Low T°C

• Low Fin, High T°C

• High Fin, Low T°C

• High Fin, High T°C

+ Interpolation function of junction temperature

2 sets stored in OTP during factory industrial testing:
• Low Fin

• High Fin

Quality level / Temperature range

QML-Y (Tc>-55°C, Tj<125°C)
ESCC9000 (Tc>-55°C, Tj<125°C)

Military (Tc>-55°C, Tj<125°C)

Industrial (Tc>-40°C, Tj<110°C)

Commercial (Tc>-10°C, Tj<90°C)

Industrial (Tc>-40°C, Tj<110°C)
Commercial (Tc>-10°C, Tj<90°C)

The EV12AQ605 product brief is also available to download here.

If you wish to learn more about EV12AQ605:

EV12AQ605 Product Brief

SYNCHRONIZATION CHAINING, Simplifying Multi-channel Synchronization in Gigahertz Data Converters

VIDEO – Learn about multi-AC synchronization in only 7 minutes!

Published 2019-10-28
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