Design an agile space receiver using EV12AQ600 ADC and PolarFire FPGA

Learn how to download and create a Libero project to gain precious time in development of your space receiver design using ADC EV12AQ600 and FPGA PolarFire.

EV12AQ600 ADC qualification report:

EV12AQ600 ADC TiD and SEE radiations test report:

EV12AQ600-FMC-EVM user guide:

EV12AQ600 ADC product webpage:

ESIstream web site:

ESIstream protocol specification:

VHDL design example:

Libero software download:


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Satellite telemetry boosted by new chips to enhance & secure the radio link (TT&C)

Telemetry, Tracking, and Control (TT&C), is a critical lifeline to satellite network control. TT&C is responsible for the transmission of telemetry data from the satellite to ground stations, tracking position and movement, as well as sending operational commands to the satellite. The purpose of TT&C is to ensure satellites perform correctly. Ultimately, momentary failure of the TT&C system can lead to mission loss. Demands upon TT&C are increasing rapidly. New solutions are required to handle the anticipated increase of on-orbit traffic as well as the expanding data throughputs of space-borne infrastructure. This summary details some of the trends driving change along with technologies emerging to advance TT&C design.

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Published 2023-02-21
Relevance: Semiconductors

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