The latest product in the EV12DS4xx family of K-band capable DACs
Product Status: Active

This new DAC provides an analog bandwidth extending beyond 7GHz facilitating multi-band, direct digital synthesis up to K-band (26.5GHz).

Compared to EV12DS460, the EV12DS480 DAC offers extended frequency capabilties and benefits from Teledyne e2v’s investment in advanced test technology to extend significantly the range of minimum guaranteed DAC performance at up to 8GSPS and can achieve clean signal generation up to 26.5GHz. The datasheet’s minimum performance guarantees are given at frequency levels that were never achieved before.

EV12DS480 is also ready for space applications, designed for new space systems in a plastic package, it is offered in various reliability grades including NASA grade 1. Qualification and Radiation reports (TiD + HI) are available. 

The EV12DS480 operates at up to 8.5 GSps. It has four output operating modes (NRZ, RTZ, NRTZ & RF). And it also includes an exclusive programmable pulse shaping feature that is useful to work across multiple Nyquist zones.

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Document Description Type
EV12DS480A Datasheet EV12DS480A Datasheet PDF
Document Description Type
EV12DS480 User Guide Evaluation Board 12-bit DAC with 4/2:1 MUX user guide PDF
Document Description Type
EV12DS480 Flyer EV12DS480 Product flyer PDF
Document Description Type
EV12DS480 Final qualification report Final qualification report PDF
EV12DS480 Radiation Report HI EV12DS480A Heavy Ions Report PDF
EV12DS480 Radiation Report TID EV12DS480A TID Report 150KRad PDF

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