QorIQ® T1014 Single-Core Communications Processor
Product Status: Active

The NXP QorIQ® dual-core T1024 and single-core T1014 communications processors combine 64-bit cores, built on Power Architecture® technology, with high-performance Data Path Acceleration Architecture (DPAA) and network peripheral bus interfaces required networking, telecommunications and industrial networked applications. The NXP QorIQ® T-Series platform offers optimized features for the industrial market, including a display interface unit for HMI, the QUICC Engine® for industrial protocol offload and ECC support for high reliability “always on” applications.

The NXP T1024 and T1014 processors come in a full featured 23 x 23mm package, which provides scalable, pin compatibility with the quad core T1042 processor, and even the eight core T2081 processor for price and power scaling with a single system design.

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