Radiation Tolerant Space Compute Intensive Module

Product Status: Active


QLS1046-Space is a Space Radiation Tolerant Compute Intensive integrated solution.
It embeds:
• A Quad ARM® Cortex®-A72 Microprocessor (LS1046) running at up to 1.8GHz and bringing 30K DMIPS computing capabilities, integrated packet processing acceleration, high speed peripherals including 10 Gb Ethernet, PCIe® Gen3, SATA 3.0 and USB.
• A 4GB DDR4 memory connected to the Space Microprocessor

QLS1046-Space Flight Models are Radiation Tolerant & Space qualified.

Typical End Applications

QLS1046-Space is a common computer platform that can serve many applications requiring compute intensive capabilities in Space. See examples below.

QLS1046-Space is also very useful for platforms in Space and embedding Artificial Intelligence, as it can run deep learning AI algorithms for image processing in Space for example. It brings then the technical benefits of pre-processing information at the edge and reduce the downlink bandwidth when sending to the ground.

On top, and naturally brought from the product form factor and integration, QLS1046-Space is particularly interesting for project teams willing to reduce their development time, platform size and bill of material.
Typical End applications:
• Communication Satellites / Constellations – Requiring AI / Security
• Human Mission Exploration & Science Missions
• Early Warning, Observation Satellites - Security / Automated situation detection & awareness / AI
• Defense In Space
• High bandwidth Space Observation
• Meteorological Satellites


Space Qualification

QLS1046-Space Flight Models screening & QCI

The definition of QLS1046-Space Flight Part screening is available in Procurement Specification (reference: TBD); QLS1046-Space screening & QCI are adapted from Mil #38534 as described in the Procurement Specification.

Radiation Tolerance

• SEL LET Threshold > 62.5 MeV.cm²/mg
• SEU LET Threshold 1.8 MeV.cm²/mg Upset cross-section @ 62.5 MeV.cm²/mg = 3.25 E-9 cm²/bit
• SEFI LET Threshold 1.8 MeV.cm²/mg SEFI cross-section @ 62.5 MeV.cm²/mg = 7.23 E-5 cm²/device
• TID 100 krad


App Notes
Document Description Type
AN 60S 217606 Qormino - Assembly Guidelines PDF
AN 60S 223060 QLS1046 - Configuration of the DDR4 memory controller PDF
AN 60S 223092 QLS1046-Space - Thermal Management PDF
Document Description Type
QLS1046A Datasheet QLS1046A Datasheet PDF
Document Description Type
QLS1046-4GB-DK Product Brief Product brief for development kit of QLS1046-4GB PDF
QLS1046-4GB-DKB Product Brief Product brief for development kit (Revision B) of QLS1046-4GB PDF
Document Description Type
NE 26S 220033 100krad TID report for LS1046-Space processor PDF
NE 26S 220040 100krad TID report for DDR4T04G72 Rev A PDF

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