This new DAC provides a significant leap forward for RF Softwarization
Product Status: Under Development

At any band up to Ka, System designers can now migrate more RF hardware to digital code than ever before.
Enabling unprecendented levels of dynamic RF system reconfiguration on the fly.

EV12DD700 dual-channel DACs are capable of operating up into Ka-band frequencies and support beamforming applications. They have a 25GHz output bandwidth with only 3dB attenuation being witnessed, and can go way beyond this with just a little over 3dB attenuation. Built into each DAC is an array of sophisticated signal processing functionality. This encompasses a programmable anti-sinc filter and direct digital synthesis (DDS) capabilities, as well as a programmable complex mixer. Also included is a digital up-converter (with four interpolation stages, plus sinc compensation).

Digital Processing Functions:

  • Interpolation ratios
  • Digital Up Conversion (DUC)
  • Numerically Controlled Oscillator (32-bit NCO)
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS)
  • Digital beamforming and beam-hopping (amplitude and )
  • Very-fast frequency hopping

Main features:

  • Programmable output mode (NRZ, RF, 2RF)
  • Gain adjust
  • Programmable SINC compensation function
  • Multi-device synchronization

A feature rich digital signal path:

  • Digital beamforming
  • Programmable anti-sinc filter
  • Programmable complex mixer
  • Digital up conversion (DUC)
  • Direct digital synthesis (DDS)

Frequency capabilities pushing the state of the art at up to Ka-Band.

DD700 development has been co-funded by Interstellar EU project, from Horizon 2020 Space programme under grant agreement N° 730165.

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