Teledyne e2v Space Processing Solutions – Q4 2023 Latest News

In this video, Teledyne e2v is sharing information on its latest Space Processing products under development :

  • 8GB Radiation Tolerant DDR4 Memory to enable more Space demanding use cases, in a pin to pin and Fit Form Function compatible with current Teledyne e2v 4GB DDR4
  • LX2160-Space, a 16 core ARM® Cortex® A72 based Space Processor featuring all range of high-speed networking interfaces, enabling compute intensive applications in Space
  • QLS1046-Space, now proposed with 8GB of DDR4, a pin-to-pin compatible module with the same exact dimensions as the existing QLS1046-Space 4GB version, targeting in many Space avionics as well as manned and unmanned Space applications

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Published 2023-10-31
Relevance: Semiconductors

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