Space-Compliant Power Supply Scheme for Quad ARM® Cortex®-A72 Processing Module QLS1046 from Teledyne e2v

Compute intensive devices such as processors, FPGAs, and ACAPs are used to perform the heavy calculations required by Edge computing applications in Space. The applications covered are broad and can range from Artificial Intelligence (AI), automated guidance, and telecommunications to image/video processing for Earth observation. One of the challenges in designing boards with that kind of ICs is to implement the proper power supply architecture:

• Multiple voltage rails are needed to supply the different functional blocks of these complex components,
• The voltage rails need to be sequenced in the proper way during power-up,
• The supplies are required to be low-voltage and high current, due to the thin process nodes involved,
• Due to the Space environment, efficiency has to be maximized to reduce overall system power consumption, and ease the heat dissipation,
Teledyne e2v offers Space-grade digital components, including processors, memories, and processing modules, to support the Edge computing in Space.

The QLS1046-Space is a heavy computing processing module featuring a Quad ARM® Cortex®-A72 processor complemented by a 4GB or 8GB DDR4 memory. Texas instruments (TI) offers a range of Space grade power supply ICs, which meet the requirements of supplying Teledyne e2v digital products in a Space radiative environment.
This white paper discusses the methodology and presents a proposed power supply scheme for QLS1046-Space with TI parts. The example taken throughout this paper is the power supply architecture which was sized and implemented for the reference design kit of the QLS1046-Space (QLS1046-xGB-RDK). First, a general description of the Teledyne e2v QLS1046-Space module is provided. Then, the sizing of the supplies is discussed as well as component selection. Finally, the detailed implementation is presented.

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Published 2023-10-03
Relevance: Semiconductors

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