FPGA Support

Teledyne e2v offers technical support for integrating our data converters into FPGA-based systems. To support our data converters, we provide license free design examples for major FPGA vendors.

For technical support, please get the team involved and contact us at [email protected].

Latest Teledyne e2v data converters, such as EV12AQ60x and EV12DD700, are supported by ESIstream, a license free data transmission protocol.
The protocol is proposed and maintained by Teledyne e2v, but it is not proprietary. Everyone is free to adopt it to take advantage of its 87.5% data rate efficiency.

The ESIstream protocol is born from a strong need of the following combination:

  • Reduce data overhead on serial links.
  • Increase rate of useful data when linking high-speed data converters operating at GSPS sampling rate with a FPGA.
  • Simplify hardware implementation to be built on RF SiGe technologies.

Learn more about ESIstream on http://www.esistream.com.

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