QLS1046 - Quad Cortex A72/4GB DDR4

Integrating the future, Integration ARM®

The QLS1046-4GB is the first solution from Teledyne e2v that integrates a QorIQ® processor built on the ARM® Cortex A72 cores, offering increased compute with decreased power consumption combined with multiple connectivity options. The transition from traditional QorIQ® to ARM® offers:

• Best-in-class performance, in excess of 45,000 CoreMark

• Improved packet classification and distribution for concentrated process cycles

• High-speed security protocol processing, including IPsec, SSL, TLS, and IKE.

The development board running Linux is currently available, and the device also supports the main certifiable Real Time Operating System such as VxWorks from Wind River, PikeOS from Sysgo, Deos from DDC-I, LynxOS from Lynx and Integrity from Green Hills. To know more about available Board Support Packages, get in touch with us.

Most compact processing platform reducing system mission computer design and obsolescence challenges

You will get a chance to see how Qormino® processing modules help designer and project managers to mitigate their design challenges for processing systems, by offering an ultra-compact solution integrated in a safety-critical ecosystem. The demonstration exhibits a QT1040-4GB module, which features quad-core 1.4 GHz processor and a 4GB DDR4 memory, that can exchange data up to 1.6GT/s, all this included in a 44x26mm format. The cockpit control of a UAV is emulated by Qormino®, to demonstrate a typical application of such device. The Qormino® runs the real-time operating system VxWorks® 7, which executes an application developed by Presagis to emulate the UAV control display. The Qormino® is interfaces with a CoreAVI Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) through PCIe, which serves to display the UAV information on a screen. This practically shows how Qormino® runs with various hardware and software components that are all part of the safety critical ecosystem.


Feature Performance
Processor LS1046 NXP QorIQ® Quad ARM® Cortex® A72 core @ 1800MHz
Memory 4GB DDR4, 72-bits bus incl. 8-bits ECC protection
Temperature Range -55 to +125C
Size 44 x 26mm


App Notes
Document Description Type
AN 60S 217606 Qormino - Assembly Guidelines PDF
AN 60S 223060 QLS1046 - Configuration of the DDR4 memory controller PDF
Document Description Type
QLS1046A_DS 60S 217489(G)V2 QLS1046 Datasheet PDF
Document Description Type
QLS1046 4GB Flyer QLS1046 4GB Flyer PDF
QLS1046-4GB-DK Product Brief Product brief for development kit of QLS1046-4GB PDF
QLS1046-4GB-DKB Product Brief Product brief for development kit (Revision B) of QLS1046-4GB PDF
Document Description Type
White paper Te2v Qormino Complex Embedded Design Made Quick Easy Enduring WP PDF

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