QorIQ® T4240 Multicore Processor
Product Status: Active

The T4240 QorIQ® integrated multicore communications processor combines 12 dual-threaded cores built on Power Architecture® technology with high-performance data path acceleration and network and peripheral bus interfaces required for networking, telecom/ datacom, wireless infrastructure, and military/aerospace applications.

This chip can be used for combined control, data path, and application layer processing in routers, switches, gateways, and general-purpose embedded computing systems. Its high level of integration offers significant performance benefits compared to multiple discrete devices, while also simplifying board design.

Features :

  • 12 dual threaded e6500 cores built on Power Architecture© up to 1.8GHz
  • Three 64-bit DDR3L SDRAM memory controllers speed up to 1866MT/s
  • 32 lanes SerDes up to 10 Gb/s support 4xPCIe, 2xSATA, 2xsRIO, 4-ports 10GbE, 16-ports 1GbE
  • 2xUSB 2.0, 4xDUART, 4xI²C, 4xGPIO, eSPI, SD/MMC/eMMC
  • Temp Range : -55 to +125

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