QorIQ® T2080 Multicore Processor
Product Status: Active

The 28 nm NXP QorIQ T2080 and T2081 communications processors bring the architectural innovations of the T series flagship T4240, such as the 1.8 GHz dual-threaded e6500 core, into an eight virtual core mid-range platform at reduced power and price points.

The T2080 processor is primarily intended to succeed successful P3041 and P2041 mid-range series of quad-core devices as a control plane or integrated control and data plane processor. It provides an excellent migration path, as it offers 2x or better in core capability, cache size, SerDes bandwidth and Ethernet connectivity, within a similar power budget. It also provides a value-engineering opportunity for P4080 customers, as T2080 provides equivalent performance at much lower price and power.

The T2081 is a smaller-package version of the T2080, which is pin-compatible with the quad-core T1042. This provides T1042 customers an easy upgrade to higher performance if processing requirements increase. It also enables customers to reuse a single board for two different product performance levels.

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