Product Status: Discontinued EOL DEC 2006

With its integrated 4:1 multiplexer, enhanced linearity and band flatness, this 10-bit 1.2 GSps DAC is the perfect solution for high-end applications such as arbitrary waveform generators or airborne systems. Differential I/Os with 2 Vpp output swing are provided, the total power consumption is 3.6W.


App Notes
Document Description Type
HF Transmission HF transmission application note PDF
IO Termination Techniques IO termination techniques application note PDF
Document Description Type
BDC Checklist BDC Checklist
Board Layout Board Layout
TS86101G2B Qualification Report TS86101G2B Qualification Report PDF
Document Description Type
TS86101G2 Datasheet TS86101G2 Datasheet PDF
TS86101G2B Errata Sheet TS86101G2B Errata Sheet PDF
Document Description Type
TSEV86101G2B User Guide TSEV86101G2B User Guide PDF
Document Description Type
TS86101G2B EOL Notification TS86101G2B EOL Notification PDF

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