Product Status: Obsolete - Replaced by Rev A

The EV12AS200 is a 12-bit 1.5 GSps ADC. The device includes a front-end Track and Hold stage (T/H), followed by an analog encoding stage (Analog Quantizer) which outputs analog residues resulting from analog quantization. Successive banks of latches regenerate the analog residues into logical levels before entering an error correction circuitry and a resynchronization stage followed by a DEMUX with 100Ω differential output buffers. It integrates 3 Wire Serial Interface (3WSI) circuit (write only), which can be activated or deactivated (via Mode signal). Main functions accessed via the 3WSI can also be accessed by hardware (OA, GA, SDA, SDAEN_n, TM_n, RS pin).


App Notes
Document Description Type
EV12AS200 Application Note EV12AS200 Application Note PDF
Document Description Type
BDC Checklist BDC Checklist PDF
Board Layout Board Layout PDF
Ev12as200xzpy Qualification Report Ev12as200 Qualification Report PDF
Document Description Type
Datasheet EV12AS200 Datasheet PDF
EV12AS200 DK Nov 12 EV12AS200 Demo Kit summary PDF
Document Description Type
EV12AS200AGS EB User Guide EV12AS200AGS EB User Guide PDF
EV12AS200ZPY EB User Guide EV12AS200ZPY EB User Guide PDF

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