2.5W, Ka-Band capable, 12.8GSps ADC
Product status: Prototype & EMs Available

This ADC enables direct conversion to Ka-Band, for every kind of systems, ground based or space based, for SATCOM payloads & SAR imaging.

The EV10AS940’s ultra wide bandwidth also enables multi-band operation thanks to the ability to digitize signals from L-Band to Ka-Band, combined with multiple DDC channels.

With a 2.5W power consumption at 12.8 GSPS, the EV10AS940 helps phased array trends toward digital beamforming by providing outstanding RF performance with very low power consumption.

Main benefits
• Enables in-orbit payload reconfiguration in multiple bands
• Ultra wide input bandwidth 33 GHz (-3 dB)
• Single ended analog and clock inputs to ease RF interfaces
• Low power: 2.5 W (at 12.8 GSps)
• Digital features: DDC with I/Q decimation (x2 to x1024), Multi-NCOs (x4), Fast Frequency Hopping (3 hop modes) and Beamforming
• Multi ADC synchronization
• Available in Space and Military versions

EV10AS940 performance with Fs=12.8GHz / Fin=25.1GHz

State of the art microwave capable ADC: a demonstration of EV10AS940 FMC Board

The ADC is presented in this video on it’s FMC board to show the capability offered by the ADC on the standard of use FMC board. Together, we will start up ADC EV10AS940 using using an off-the-shell FPGA development board from ALPHA DATA as the FMC carrier board.

This will allow you to perform a quick start up of EV10AS940 to see and evaluate its capabilities.

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