Product Status: Discontinued EOL JULY 26 2010

AT84AD001B is the previous silicon revision of AT84AD001C, and therefore is not recommended for new designs.AT84AD001BCEPW_AT31104

It is recommended for new projects to use AT84AD001C instead of AT84AD001B.

The device provides 1 Gsps sampling per channel or 2 Gsps sampling from one channel (interleaving mode). It integrates dual on-chip track/holds that provides excellent dynamic performance over 1.5 GHz input frequency bandwidth with low 1.4 W power consumption.

This dual ADC is dedicated to high speed, low power applications such as digital sampling oscilloscopes and direct RF down-conversion.


App Notes
Document Description Type
Migration From TS8388B To AT84AD001B How To Migrate From TS8388B To AT84AD001B PDF
Document Description Type
AT84AD001B Qualification Report AT84AD001B Qualification Report PDF
BDC Checklist BDC Checklist
Board Layout Board Layout PDF
Document Description Type
AT84AD001B Datasheet AT84AD001B Datasheet PDF

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