Tactical Edge Computing Advances Defense System Developments

While making instantaneous decisions that are highly reliable and correct, space and avionic defense system developers must address the issue of overwhelming amounts of data transmissions, and computations.

Defense system developments often utilize commercial technology. However, there are crucial differences between military and commercial systems, especially at the tactical edge.

Military systems (unlike commercial systems) use multi-hop networks while connecting across heterogeneous networks with computations, data transmissions, and decision making; all within a dynamic environment contested by adversarial actions such as jamming and electronic warfare.

Therefore, as defense system networks expand, the need to reduce raw data transmissions, through localized and real time computational analysis and decision-making, utilizing high reliability tactical edge computing, becomes necessary. This fundamentally requires devices with the computing speed, size, weight, power dissipation, and cost that will meet the challenges and adaptability necessary for electromagnetic and radiation tolerant space and avionic defense system environments.

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Published 2021-09-09
Relevance: Semiconductors

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