Deep-learning AI in Space enabled by Qormino® processing module

In the frame of the QlevEr Sat project, supported in sponsorship by Teledyne e2v, the CSUG (Grenoble University Space Centre) and MIAI (Multidisplinary Institute of Artificial Intelligence) have evaluated the performance of the QLS1046-Space processing module (Radiation Tolerant module with a Quad Arm® Cortex® A72 and 4GB DDR4 memory) for deep-learning AI applications. In this study, the pure computing performance was evaluated, then a comprehensive inference benchmark was performed, and finally training capabilities were assessed. The outcome of this study is that QLS1046-Space offers a decent amount a computing capability, allowing to run deep learning AI for image processing in Space. The results of this work are public.
This is a very promising result considering that deep-learning AI for image processing is one of the most demanding applications, which confirms the outstanding computing capabilities of this module.

The details of the results and the conclusions of this study can be found in the complete white paper, which can be publicly downloaded here.

About the project: Led by the CSUG, the QlevEr Sat project is supported by a patronnage agreement by Teledyne e2v through the Grenoble University Foundation. QlevEr Sat has a general interest objective. It will be observing the evolution of specific Earth regions and human activities associated with important societal issues (deforestation, volcanoes, damages from natural disaster). In order to reduce the volume of data to be sent to the ground, the nanosatellite will pre-analyse the data collected thanks to some embedded AI. The project leverages the high computing capabilities of Qormino QLS1046-Space radiation tolerant processing module to run AI algorithms on-board, together with the high resolution of the images taken by the Emerald sensor.

About the product: Teledyne e2v is bringing to Space its famous Qormino® processing module. This module features a Quad-Core Arm Cortex A72 processor capable to run up to 1.8GHz and a high speed DDR4 currently offering a density of 4GB. With its radiation tolerance and Space quality manufacturing flows, QLS1046-Space is the most powerful Space-grade processor available on the market.


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Published 2021-10-04
Relevance: Semiconductors

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